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Nadlan realty | Park RECO License $7/month, START saveing money | www.TorontoNADLAN.com


Park RECO real estate license for $7/Month (it's $84/year) ? 

Start saving money. NO Board fees, NO OREA fees, NO CREA fees NO Franchise fees, NO Desk fees, NO Hidden fees 

You can collect 30% Commission fees when you refer clients to Nadlan realty for buying or selling in Toronto real estate.

Q. What if you want to work with your clients (buyers or sellers) or work on yours deals? Let's Talk 

A. No problem, You become active salesperson. Your registration with RECO stay the same.

You can stay with Nadlan realty. You don't need to move to other brokerage. 

Commission split is 80% or more for you when you active saleperson. 

Q. If you want to renew TREB membership or join TREB ?

A. You don't have to move to another brokerage. You can stay with NADLAN Realty.

We also welcome part-time active salespersons from TREB.

Contact us today, park your license and start saving.


Who should conside to park license?

- Working part time or full time, its time to slow down, focus on family or other business   

- Consider retierment?

-Employed full time and want to keep your job. Most of the real estate agents work full time.



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