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Michael Tepper- VIP Platinum Broker. Real estate & mortgage broker work in Toronto GTA.

By the time a new condo project’s sales center opens its doors to the public, the building can be as much as 50% sold already. How does this happen? Condo developers in Toronto follow fthe following steps using there data base

1) Friends and Family sales event (2-10 % of units get sold)

2) Platinum VIP Brokers get access (20-30% get sold)

3) VIP agents get access (10-20% get sold)

4) Pre-registrants get access (5-10% get sold)

5) Grand Opening to the public (last 10-15% gets sold)

It is Supply and Demand, supply and selection of units goes down, prices go up (hot projects prices can go up)

It might be few months between the friends & family event to the grand opening to the public.

Platinum VIP Brokers are the first group of people to get access to the building outside of the developer’s own friends and family.

The Platinum brokers & agents generally sell most of the units in the project.

Often each platinum agent is given a specific “allocation” of units in the building (for example, 1 or 2 floors of the building) for which they have exclusive rights to sell to their clients for a limited period of time (2-3 weeks).

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